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YO-YO-TENNA DELUXE Portable Ham Radio Antennas

EmComm, light house activations, backpacking, hilltopping, Field Day, special events.

Two wind-up "fishing reel" style antennas make up this fantastic little gizmo. Each reel contains 40 feet of sturdy, durable, insulated multi-strand wire. This gives you coverage from 2 through 40 meters! Some folks are "stacking" the reels (connecting additional YO-YO-TENNA's in a series...) to get coverage from 80 to 160 meters!

Plugs directly into your transceiver...or...into your antenna turner for easy, no 'wire length adjustment' operation! Great for Field Day, camping, vacations, and business trips! And because of its quick set-up and take-down, it's perfect for apartments and condos!

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